JST Connectors

Electrical Connectors & Tooling

JST is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of over 30,000 electrical and electronic connectors. Sumitomo is at the cutting-edge of the technological revolution.

JST electrical terminals and connectors range from surface mount, flat flexible circuit connectors to crimp wire to board, headers, flat cable, wire to wire, board to wire, board to board, power to supply and wire to board EMI shielded connectors to IC memory card connectors.

Take a look at JST extensive online catalogue for more information on JST electrical connector series, products and tooling.

From Engine Compartment to Safety Restraints to Car Multimedia Devices, JST has a range of connectors that meet most of your automotive connector requirements. Matched tooling is also available for every termination product.


This connector is 48 circuits sealed and lever type connector. Female connector is ZRO, and TCUD male connector and is a lower height than ZRO male connector. The height from PC board is lower than ZRO connector The lever is adopted to decrease the connector mating force. The fixing part to PC board is lightly press-fitted boss configuration in consideration of the workability when assembling. Mat seal is adopted for improving the workability of wire seal part. Heat resistant specification corresponding up to 125 degrees Celsius.  If the optional harness cover is used, the harness can be taken out from the side. 


The HPS Connector is a 40 Circuits 0.64 Sealed Connector. It is Water/Dust Protected and has a Connector Position Assurance (CPA) Mechanism. Key Option is available on order and it comes with Independent Secondary Lock Design , Mechanical Assist Lever (Vertical motion). The HPS Connector is High Temperature Resistant.


2.54mm Pitch, 0.64 unsealed surface mounting type connector with Auto Coplanarity Technology. This technology achieves stable mounting to PCB during re-flow process. High Soldering Quality by Auto Coplanarity Technology. Auto Coplanarity Technology (*1) achieves stable mounting to PCB. Self Alignment Effects (*2) enable soldering parts to perform better. Terminal Construction
Four contact points and Dual Springs achieve high reliability.